Are Private Mortgages Regulated?

Mortgages can be obtained through banks and mortgage brokers, although the unregulated mortgage market is another option borrowers can look into. If this is the route you’re considering, it is very important to understand all of the details surrounding this option so that you’re fully aware of what this loan entails.  Private lenders make up the unregulated mortgage market and

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What Is Private Mortgage Lending?

Are you looking to buy a home but have an unconventional financial portfolio? A private mortgage is a loan that is financed through non-traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions that may be a great alternative for you. They can be a great solution for individuals who are struggling to get a loan but do not qualify for traditional

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All about Second Mortgages

If you’re considering a second mortgage, it’s important to understand the details surrounding this option so that you can be sure that it’s right for you. In short, a second mortgage is an additional loan that is taken out for a property that already has an existing loan because it is already mortgaged. Lenders view this type of loan is

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Understanding The Differences Between Cash-Out Refinancing and A Second Mortgage

Are you considering accessing your home’s equity? Two methods for you to go about doing so, including refinancing your mortgage or taking out a second mortgage. The two require different criteria and varying reasons for choosing between them, which should prompt you to decipher which method is most suitable for you. To determine which option is the most practical for

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Is a Second Mortgage Right for You?

If you’ve been wondering whether or not a second mortgage is right for you, Dhugga Mortgages wants to help you understand exactly how a second mortgage works so you can decide if it’s right for you. A second mortgage is not very different from your first mortgage and works the same way. After you apply and get approved, you will

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Should I Apply for a Private Mortgage?

Not everyone has the necessary requirements imposed by lending institutions like banks to apply for a traditional mortgage. For this reason, private mortgages are available to those that need a different route to access a loan in order to purchase a home. A private mortgage is for borrowers who aren’t considered low-risk clients, the ideal candidates that traditional lending institutions

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The Benefits of a Private Mortgage

Most of you may have already heard the term private mortgage through your mortgage broker. A private mortgage is traditionally used for people with bad credit history and cannot be approved for a mortgage through traditional ways for some reason or if you need a little more flexibility around your mortgage than that offered by traditional lenders or financial institutes

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