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How much can I afford? What is my mortgage payment? Should I refinance? Rent vs. Buy Debt Consolidation Closing Fees

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Renting Assumptions


Buying Assumptions

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The return on investment of your purchase will be in

5 years
Year 5

After 5 years, buying represents a benefit of $ 2,617

The net costs are:
For Buy: Total costs – net property value.
For Rent: Total costs – net investment value.

Total costs are the sum of the amounts invested, expenses/rent and in the case of buying, cost of sale. Equity, in the case of buying, represents the net property value, and in the case of renting, the value of the investment.

Buy Rent
Amount invested
The amount invested includes the down payment and the capital repayment.
$ 199,552 $ 40,000
Total expenses/rent
Total expenses include property taxes, school taxes, maintenance fees, land transfer tax, home insurance, condo fees and rentals, premium on Mortgage loan Insurance, if applicable.
$ 72,179 $ 81,476
Selling costs $ 10,510
Total cost $ 282,241 $ 121,476
Property value $ 210,202
Mortgage balance $ 447
Net property value $ 209,754
Investments $ 40,000
Investment income $ 6,371
Total value of investments $ 46,371
Net costs $ 72,487 $ 75,105